Short. Sweet. Film Fest

Short films, live music, good food, good beer, and CCR. Intrigued yet?

If you love any of the above listed things, come see us at the Short. Sweet Film Festival the weekend of March 4th! We'll be there on Saturday, March 5th giving a workshop -- Choosing the Right Equipment for the budget -- but there are tons of reasons to come and stay a while.

The fun-filled event-packed weekend kicks off with a filmmaker's night on Friday night. In addition to some great short films, Friday night kicks off with a filmmaker's night, complete with live music and a networking event. Saturday also includes live music and a networking event, plus an intermission mid-day with us! The weekend will close out with another day full of films, live music during the intermission, and an awards ceremony.

Our workshop begins at 3pm on March 5th at the Metropolitan at the 9's Alex Theater. For the full festival schedule and more information, as well as how to purchase tickets, you can check out the Short. Sweet. Film Fest website or Facebook event.

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