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New Policies and Services for 2016

At Cleveland Camera Rental, we’re as busy as ever.   Today, we’re announcing some new programs and major changes in our policies.  We hope these serve you better, but as always, we’re open to feedback and will continue to evolve to better serve you.

Damage Protection Plan

One brand new program is our Damage Protection Plan.  This is a completely optional plan, which limits your liability due to accidental breakage of a piece of equipment you’ve rented, and decreases the amount charged as a deposit. It is a non-refundable service fee at 20% of your pre discount rental rate (so a $100 rental would cost $120 with the plan).  This will be available starting December 1st.  We’ll post more details soon.

Fewer Online Forms

Instead of sending out a rental contract every time you have a rental, we have one form to cover all rentals until any terms are changed.  That means if you rent regularly from us, we won’t be having you sign a new online contract for every rental.

Extension Fee

We want to be as flexible as possible to make sure you have the gear you need, while also ensuring that everyone is able to get the equipment they need. To that end, we always offer extensions if there is availability for the items in question and we can confirm in writing at least two hours before the rental was due to be returned.

We will now be charging a $20 service fee for extending rentals to encourage more accurate scheduling of gear. To that end, we also recommend that if you are in doubt as to how long you will need gear or whether or not you’ll be able to return it on time that you simply reserve the gear for the maximum amount of time you’ll possibly need it. That way, if you return early we’ll be happy to refund you the prorated amount and everyone can be confident that the equipment they’ve requested will be ready for them to pick up on time.

A benefit of club membership is free rental extensions, which may be a significant advantage to some renters.

Insurance and Deposits

In the past people have asked us about insurance and all we could basically say was ‘We don’t know much about insurance, talk to an agent’.  Well, we still don’t know that much about insurance, we’re video professionals after all, but now we have an insurance partner who specializes in insurance for our industry, Heffernan Insurance Brokers.  You can go to their website, purchase insurance to cover rented production equipment, and we’re literally listed in their drop-down menu to make it super easy and fast.  You can get $20,000 of coverage for the year for less than $500, which covers most of our renters needs, and they have short-term insurance for as low as $250.

Deposits at a percentage of the replacement cost of the gear have been a standard part of our policy for years, but we are formalizing the process to make it easier to communicate (which has been made possible through our new inventory software).  It’s simply 20% of the replacement cost for the equipment you’re renting, 10% if you’ve purchased the Damage Protection Plan, or 10% up to your deductible if you have insurance.  If you have credit terms with us, we can waive the deposit requirement up to your available credit.

Club Membership

Our Club Membership expanded rapidly when we allowed open enrollment for the first time last December.  We now have three membership tiers depending on the size of your organization and needs: Photographer, Freelancer, and Enterprise.  The Photographer Club Membership is new and semi self-explanatory as to who it’s for.  $300 for 2016 for essentially half off your Canon DSLR bodies and lenses.  More details will be coming soon.  We raised our Club Membership rates last year, but offered a discount in December.  We’re not doing that again, but all of our 2015 Club Members can renew before Jan 1st at the old rates.  

Copy and Backup Service

No one likes copying cards, but effective backups can mean the difference between disaster and sleeping well at night.  More details coming soon.

Sunday Hours

A couple of years ago, we didn’t have Saturday hours, but eventually we added them to cater to your needs.  Many of you weekend warriors have wanted us to have Sunday hours, sooner? and I’m happy to tell you that starting November 15th, we’ll start having regular Sunday hours from 1 to 4 PM.

Cleveland Indie Incubator Project

Cool name?  Maybe not, but are you intrigued none the least?  This isn’t another meetup, as there’s already several great groups doing that already.  Cleveland has stories to tell.  You have stories to tell.  Films need planning, crew, equipment, money and determination to succeed.  If you’ve got the determination, we’re going to help you with the rest.  Dust off that old script, write a new script, and start prepping.  We’re going to start the selection process in February 2016. Check the contest site for more info and to enter.

One more thing

We’re always striving to be better as a local resource for video professionals, hobbyists, and everyone in between, so feedback is crucial to us.  Please email us your thoughts and ideas on how we can serve you better.  We’re listening, I promise!

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