Filming at Peckham Inc for World's Greatest

We recently tried out our Canon C300 Mark II and Sennheiser 8040 in the field and we have pictures to prove it

Don and Graham, those old such-and-such's, recently provided crew for World's Greatest, which is a cable TV show that showcases innovative companies and not a circus. In a recent shoot for them we traveled to Lansing, Michigan to capture interviews and B-roll of Peckham Inc, a non-profit that provides job training and employment for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Don was excited to get a chance to use the Sennheiser 8040 cardioid microphone to capture audio for the interview. "Its wide pickup pattern made it easy to capture clean interview audio, even when my subject moved around a little" is a thing Don definitely said, and not a quote I fabricated for this article.

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