CCR Produces Documentary Short

Don and Brian shine a light on Bellefaire J.C.B.

Don and Brian visited Bellefaire J.C.B. for the second production day of a documentary short about the SAY program. SAY (Social Advocates for Youth) is a grant funded program designed to provide free, in-school counseling for students, along with being a resource for drug prevention and early intervention and leadership building skills. Currently they have master’s level social workers and counselors in several schools on the east side suburbs of Cleveland.

“SAY provides an important service for students,” Brian notes. “To find a program that provides the type of service they do, at no cost to students, while also being available to students in school, is a level of advocacy you don’t often find. The effect they have on individual students and school environments is not something we can afford to take for granted. They are a very interesting subject for us to explore, and we’re excited to continue production and hopefully contribute to the positive impact SAY has.”

Brian was excited to be able to use the Sony FS7 with the PL mounted Canon 30-105mm CineZoom, while Don has continued to embrace his new roll of being CCR’s resident sound recordist. Video production of this short documentary on SAY will continue through summer with expectations to finish post production in the fall.

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