Shoot at Formtek

Video Production of metal forming and fabricating machinery.

Don and Mike recently headed back to Formtek: Metal Forming and Fabricating Machinery Manufacturers for another machinery video production shoot. The Cleveland Camera Rental crew has handled Formtek's video production for about four years now, and this time they got to see the production of another Yoder metal forming system. Making parts and equipment for manufacturers who make parts and equipment is what Formtek does best. This particular machine makes a metal part for a car window -- a part that the general public never sees, but dogs are thankful for, as it lets the window roll down.

Don was excited about the chance to take out the Roman Cine Gears Hi-Hat Slider Dolly to add a dynamic element to the video with some camera movement. "More setup, but more solid than the Dana Dolly," he opined.

Learn more about Formtek's different brands and machines.

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