CCR helps spotlight local historical church

Celebrating 125 years of community enrichment with Antioch Baptist Church

To take a peek into Cleveland’s rich history, all you need to do is visit Antioch Baptist Church located on the corner of Cedar Avenue and East 89th Street. This antique establishment was originally created as a place of worship for the African American Baptist community which was underrepresented in the Cleveland area. Antioch has been fortunate enough to host Civil Rights activists such as the late, great Martin Luther King Jr. since its formation in 1893 (for those of you who don’t want to do the math - that’s 125 years!). Antioch’s community is full of wonderful folks who have organized several philanthropic endeavors over the years to feed, shelter, and educate the impoverished people of the area.

We are thrilled to have been asked by director, Brian Bullock to help create a short documentary about Antioch’s compelling past. This short documentary is being produced by Ruthie Brown with the help of Eleanor Hayes. After only one day of shooting (so far), we have captured some stunning images within the church, as well as fascinating interviews with the people who know the church best. We cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on with you all. Keep an eye out for a finished product within the next few months!

Check out the links at the top of this article to see a few items we took with us on this shoot.

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