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Arri - Alexa Mini

Arri - Alexa Mini


Available to rent from Ohio HD Video, with easy pick up and return at Cleveland Camera Rental

From Ohio HD's website:

Our ARRI ALEXA Mini comes with media and batteries.

The ALEXA Mini is the most versatile and flexible of the ALEXA camera range, and thus a true allrounder. With an integrated wireless receiver for camera and lens remote control, a small light-weight form factor and carbon fiber body make this a great gimbal application camera. Additionally with integrated WiFi you are able to control the camera remotely from a web capable device.

With the introduction of SUP 4.0 ALEXA Mini also offers an ARRIRAW recording mode. This enables the ALEXA Mini camera not only to record standard resolutions such as HD, 2K or UHD, but also features an Open Gate recording mode that uses the complete sensor area. The new format is called MXF/ARRIRAW; internally it is the same ARRIRAW you already know from the ALEXA cameras.

Additionally with SUP 4.0 the ALEXA Mini now offers a Super 16mm sensor punch for using that great old glass.

  • -Film-like, organic look
  • -High Dynamic Range
  • -14+ stops exposure latitude over the entire EI range as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart
  • -extended, clean highlights
  • -extremely low noise floor
  • -holds up extremely well when over or underexposed
  • -future proof for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays
  • -Sharp, natural images for HD, 2K, 4K UHD or 4K Cine deliverables
  • -High sensitivity
  • -true base sensitivity of EI 800
  • -adjustable from EI 160 to EI 3200
  • -ARRI color science
  • -natural color reproduction, especially for skin tones
  • -excellent color separation
  • -great at resolving mixed color temperature sources
    • Includes:
    • Media and batteries
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